Rob Ruana

Professional Profile

Full stack engineer with years of experience developing software and designing systems for the web, mobile, and server.

Accomplished in building for scalability, eliminating performance bottlenecks, and developing for security.

Leader able to organize teams that turn ideas into requirements into finished products.

Technical Expertise

Client Side
Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, Node, Webpack, Vue, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX
Server Side
Python 2/3, CherryPy, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, WSGI, GraphQL, REST, JSON-RPC, PHP, Java, C#
Docker, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, SaltStack, Puppet, Jenkins, Travis, Tox, Git, NGINX, HAProxy, Linux


Bracing Effect, LLC – Owner

Jun 2013 – Present
Herndon, VA
  • Designed, developed, and marketed entertainment and productivity apps for iOS. Created custom animations and UI elements with a priority on tactile interaction and immediate responsiveness.
    Swift, Python, OpenGL, imagemagick, SpriteKit, CloudKit, GameKit, iOS
    Swift, WatchKit (Apple Watch), iOS
    Objective-C, CoreData, Python, OpenCV, Tesseract OCR, PIL, iOS
  • Rapidly adopted and integrated new Apple technologies during beta product launches – including support for new devices, beta iOS versions, CoreData, CloudKit, WatchKit, and SpriteKit.

MAGFest, Inc. – Director of Software Engineering

Mar 2017 – Aug 2018
Baltimore, MD
  • Oversaw volunteer and contract software developers to effectively direct the development of an open source event registration system.
  • Mentored junior developers into accomplished senior developers via code review, design discussions, and personal support.
  • Overhauled legacy codebase that was locked into a monolithic single-process, single-server deployment; created a distributed multi-server system capable of handling tens of thousands of badge sales during the opening moments of MAGFest preregistration launch.
  • Redesigned IT and deployment infrastructure, moving from a series of manually created servers and ad-hoc scripts to full configuration management, following the principle of "Infrastructure as Code".
  • Created repeatable, automated, distributed cloud deployments, drastically reducing administration overhead and configuration errors.

Applied Security, Inc. – Lead Software Engineer

Jun 2006 – Aug 2012
Reston, VA
  • Led teams of up to five direct reports through complete software lifecycle – from inception to finished product, using iterative design and prototyping, with automated testing, packaging, and deployment.
  • Designed and implemented a suite of secure messaging, content management, and account management products.
    PHP, Propel ORM, Phing, Ext JS, PostgreSQL
    Pylons, SQLAlchemy, Ext JS, Tornado Web Server, Apache Thrift, PostgreSQL, MySQL
    CherryPY, SQLAlchemy, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Established company interview style and made department wide hiring decisions. Led in-person and phone interviews. On-boarded new hires and mentored junior developers.

United States Coast Guard – Software Engineer

Mar 2002 – Dec 2005
Kearneysville, WV
  • Developed vessel boarding and safety inspection app for Pocket PC using C# for the interface, backed by ASP.Net web services talking to a SQL Server database.
    Pocket PC, Tablet PC, C++, C#, Visual Basic.NET, WSDL/SOAP, IIS, SQL Server
  • Created geospatial vessel tracking display using Google Earth with an embedded .Net ActiveX control. Consumed and correlated real-time vessel positions with historic vessel tracking data using a sharded SQL Server database.
    Google Earth, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, WSDL/SOAP, IIS, SQL Server

Open Source Projects